Lack of Love in the World

The lack of love in the world and between one another stems from thought.  The answers we look for are solutions found and detailed in thought.  There is never consideration given to what this thought is that rules our lives.   Is there something else other than cultivating the best thoughts that are going to make life more of what you want.

My husband and I have been working on our relationship for years.  There are momentary breakthroughs, when we both give attention to what is going on and then we fall back to our regular habits in thought.  This makes for consistent patterns in life that are predictable.   The result is our marriage has become a fixed habit of attempting to solve problems and work to remain connected.  This is married life on auto-pilot.

This automatic way of living is from the habit of a “me” .  The “me” is the center that life revolves around.  This “me” can be modified but is rarely seen through as simply made up by thought and reinforced in thought.  Thought has become the utmost pattern of our existence and primary importance and not love and connection.

So if I change the “me” I think I can have a better relationship with my husband and life in general.  There is all the time spent adapting and improving and looking for the new through the eyes of the past “me”.  Right now we see through the eyes of what has already happened.  Then as there is improvement we see through new eyes but it’s only a new idea in the same pattern of a “me” made up in thought.  How to break the chains of a made up “me”.  Thought won’t do it.  What will?











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