The Grinch

Peace and freedom can not be achieved through thought.  The idea of self-improvement can happen over time but it is only thought improving itself.  You can try to do everything in the world to get yourself to this state of peace and freedom, yet it’s not sustainable in thought.

We talk about sustainability now as a new buzz word.  How about sustainability of peace and freedom for human beings by seeing the role thought plays in our lives?

We see our selves first and foremost as separate individuals.  We are taught that personal achievement is the highest aspiration for a person’s life.  Is it?  And are we truly separate individuals?  Thought tells us we are.  If we continue to rely on thought as the ground and only value in life, humanity will remain divided from one another.  The result is frustration and deep sorrow.

We divide up the United States into states the way thought describes but these are just thoughts.  There is no real division between Idaho and New Hampshire, only what thought has taught us.  Divisions appear everywhere in life to compare and measure what may seem to be necessary logistically or technologically but then this separateness becomes widespread in the way we live our our lives. These divisions set up unending conflict between a identity in thought of a “me” separate from a “you” and an “us” against a “them”.  Then life is full of conflict to make your way in the world.  There is strife and struggle against one another to get what we individually want and believe we deserve.

The Grinch sees it.  He tried everything to get what he wanted.  He even stole Christmas.  We are all fighting for our importance out in the world against another, for what?  What has importance brought anyone in life?  Maybe more and more money, more comfort, more prestige…….then what?  What role does love and affection play?  Is love as we see it just another tool of thought to manipulate and get what we want?

Is there any sustainable peace to be found in the security we have achieved in thought?  Doesn’t seeking out that security in thought breed insecurity that it may not continue?  Ask Kim Kardashian. Even if you do reach a level of personal physical comfort does that translate to psychological comfort and peace?

Grinch thought he had won what he was looking for and then woke up the next morning and realized it still wasn’t the answer.  He saw through his assumption that thought was the answer and gave up the absolute need for security in thought.  The Grinch’s  heart grew six times it’s size that day.  That is Christmas.  When your heart blossoms and there is no cause from thought.  Seeing love itself is immediate action that doesn’t take time and is not grounded in thought.  It’s not based on any achievement or description in thought.  Once love is realized as universal as salt, thought take’s it’s rightful place.


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