Investigate radical anti-aging this summer by eliminating the burden of thought.  Not through any practice or time tested method but by seeing thought for the tool it is and not the ground of our being.

I was in a grocery store a few years ago and noticed a women’s t-shirt that read, “I lost my mind three weeks ago and haven’t missed it a bit”.  That’s the encounter I welcome the discovery of this summer and the anti-aging effects it brings.  How has thought usurped authority in our lives as the only defining element that matters?  And what does it mean to love. The way we live is full of strife and sorrow.  Ending thought as the ground and meaning of life, is the ending of sorrow.  Then something new arises.

Look, we can wait to die when we are old and diseased or we can die now to the burden of thought and actually live out our lives in creativity and love.  Not the love between two people or the love that you have for your children but love as a ground of your being that is freedom itself.  Then all those relationships will be grounded in love too, not based on thought and time.  When time and measurement don’t matter there is a radical revolution in the heart.  Thought is not the ground of existence, love and creativity are.  If life is viewed from the perspective of love and creativity there is unlimited freedom.  A freedom not known to thought.  Love is not in thought.