Beyond the appearances of the unending variety of content put together by thought, our consciousnesses are very similar. We all draw from the same consciousness of humanity.  One person may have longer hair, raised in the east and be a little more shy and another may have a beard and been raised in the south with certain traditions.  But those are apparent differences all defined and categorized by thought.  We are all one humanity that as far as most are concerned has an existence and well-being produced and maintained solely by thought.

Humanity is similar in that we all suffer in thought.  It doesn’t matter what country you live in, thought in it’s very nature sets up conflict and contradictions. The me compared to you and the us against the them are universal concepts that thought has designed for us to live and die by. This creates anxieties, fears, insecurities, a need to seek pleasure and avoid pain as a way of humanity lived out through thought.

After all these millions of years of accumulating and detailing these experiences in consciousness through thought, what have we obtained?  We live in the memories of our past and carry them into the future all detailed and analyzed by thought that defines us.

After a million years thought has not moved us to see a new sustainable improved way of well-being.  Thought has never made it happen and trying to produce well-being through thought will continue to waste energy.  As there is great concern about the wastage of energy in society through over usage of electricity what about wastage of energy in thought trying to improve a man made “me” .  This meticulously put together psychological “me” as a habit in memory that doesn’t have any existence except what thought tells it.

We can look around in the world and see that there is not psychological improvement taking place.  There was yet another shooting today that involved United States Congressman that were shot will playing baseball.  Yes, the “me “stored up psychologically as content in consciousness can be modified.  Yet these modifications haven’t affected society in any significant way.   How to be relieved of depression;how to raise a healthy kid;how to improve a marriage;how to stop killings.  We are all looking for similar answers in thought over time.  Are there results that can be proven and duplicated or are we living in a circular pattern that seems to be trending round and round.  There is never a discovery that all of humanity has a messy consciousness as a “me” and that the circle of life as it is now, is that we suffer and die.

We never know what it means to love.