Abundant mystery

As long as I can get myself comfortable in thought, I am good to go!  This leads to a very tumultuous life.  Life is spent searching, experimenting, adding more experience and knowledge and accumulating under the pattern of a worn out assumption of a  “me”.  The question is never asked is this the only way to live life.  Can there ever be enough knowledge figured out to be completely secure in knowing who and what we are?

Where is the mystery in life? Why do we focus on the known and leave out the mystery? Love is mystery.  Love is untamed, unknown and this is ignored in favor of our mind made thoughts to rule, organize and dictate our lives.  Love is not yours or mine.  Love is as universal as salt.   Love is certainly not based on thought and driven by thought.  Love has it’s own action, its own order.  We have never been shown that when thought at the center of existence as a separate “me” ends, there is an end to suffering, frustration and fear.  This is the freshness of creativity and love.

A person’s life is lived isolated in the thoughts contained in their consciousness.  The entire sense of “me” and what I am doing in life and how that works out in thought is the ground of our existence.  Can conscious realize this man made “me” is a habit in memory  that repeats as our future in time, day after day.  Can this ruler as a “me” in thought be seen through and allow the unlimited mystery of love to take hold?

The pattern and habit of thought can never touch the abundant mystery of love.



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