The work of thought

There are rules of measurement, conduct and prejudices that are followed in life, all  created and reinforced by thought. Our education system, churches, families, traditions, theories of self-improvement, all are driven by thought.  There are also many new and improved ways to live happening everyday, based on thought.  Thought defines us.

Thought tells us what is real. Extraordinarily, thought explains to us now to embrace Caitlyn Jenner as a woman.  However, rarely does anyone see through this worn out working theory of psychological life based on thought and derived solely from comparison and measurement over time.  If I can just get to that certain place in my life, then I’ll be all set and where I am suppose to be.  This is a common thought.

Freedom, love and happiness, I’ve been chasing it my entire life.  There has to be an answer, somewhere?  However there is none in thought.

When children are young there is no psychological fear stored up in thought. They are somewhat free.  Sure they might fall off a bike or the neighbor boy may push them down.  These cause physical hurts.   Then out of these somewhat normal events thought decides to take ownership of these as psychological knowledge.  This translates the need for physical survival into a full blown psychological struggle for a life of a separate “me” to be protected and defended over time.

This illusionary psyche as a “me” becomes our knowledge and working theory of existence through thought. It is reinforced and maintained through our education system and other social structures in place.  What thought defines as the “me” based on experienced pleasure and pain becomes the definition of life of a “me” in comparison to a “you”.

What is seldom realized is that the “me” is only a thought habit.  Thought is useful for communication purposes and technical knowledge but it is not a permanent entity fixed in time.  Life is spent focused on and searching to improve our happiness for this made up psychological “me” fixed at the center of our lives. Thought can be modified and improved but it can never free itself from sorrow.  The essence of thought is sorrow. Yes, there is a great deal of suffering and sorrow in the world created and maintained by thought.  Can suffering in thought end?

With “me” at 52, you can’t carve out 52 years of thought and throw it away.  Meditating thought away or going to church to improve won’t do it.  However, it can plainly be seen the destruction that thought has in our lives.  The definition of our lives through thought as a permanent “me” becomes a mixture of fear, anxiety, confusion, hurts, struggling for success and happiness with some pleasure seeking and then we die.  And that is okay for most because we are never shown any different.  Thought and an illusionary psychological “me” in time are thought to be the totality and ruler of life.  And the only thing thought ever considers is to modify itself.  It never wonders to see beyond itself.  The nature of thought is never considered.

There are many systems these days…..


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