Can Freedom and Peace Replace Thought

Thought rarely stops to wonder at the mystery of the illusion of the "Me" it has created.  Thoughts are stored up in a human being's memory and maintain an illusionary "Me" as the center of an independent existence.  Why would the "Me" as thought every want to end itself, even if it were an illusion?... Continue Reading →


Lack of Love in the World

The lack of love in the world and between one another stems from thought.  The answers we look for are solutions found and detailed in thought.  There is never consideration given to what this thought is that rules our lives.   Is there something else other than cultivating the best thoughts that are going to... Continue Reading →

The Grinch

Peace and freedom can not be achieved through thought.  The idea of self-improvement can happen over time but it is only thought improving itself.  You can try to do everything in the world to get yourself to this state of peace and freedom, yet it's not sustainable in thought. We talk about sustainability now as... Continue Reading →

Revolutionary anti-aging

Investigate radical anti-aging this summer by eliminating the burden of thought.  Not through any practice or time tested method but by seeing thought for the tool it is and not the ground of our being. I was in a grocery store a few years ago and noticed a women's t-shirt that read, "I lost my... Continue Reading →

Appearances of well-being

Beyond the appearances of the unending variety of content put together by thought, human beings consciousnesses are very similar. They are not individual as thought has divided and shown life to be.  All of consciousness is one humanity.  One person may have longer hair, raised in the east and be a little more shy and... Continue Reading →

Abundant mystery

As long as I can get myself comfortable in thought, I am good to go!  This leads to a very tumultuous life.  Life is spent searching, experimenting, adding more experience and knowledge and accumulating under the pattern of a worn out assumption of a  "me".  The question is never asked is this the only way... Continue Reading →

The work of thought

There are rules of measurement, conduct and prejudices that are followed in life, all  created and reinforced by thought. Our education system, churches, families, traditions, theories of self-improvement, all are driven by thought.  There are also many new and improved ways to live happening everyday, based on thought.  Thought defines us. Thought tells us what... Continue Reading →

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